Web Hosting Question
Web Hosting Question
  • 1. Where is your server located?
    Our servers is located at CBJ2, TM Net Datacenter, Malaysia. Please check more our network information at here.
  • 2. What is your server specification?
    All server come with Pentium Xeon Quad Core with minimun 4GB RAM installed.
  • 3. Is your network fast and reliable?
    Our server located at TM Net Datacenter, Malaysia. All server are connected to an extremely powerful and fully redundant network. You may run a speed test here.
  • 4. Can I upgrade my hosting account to a next higher plan any time?
    Yes. You may upgrade to next higher plan at anytime. Just contact our sales team for upgrading. You just need to pay the price different between old plan and new plan.
  • 5. Do you allow Adult, MP3, Gambling contents on your servers? ?
    Adult content, MP3 and Gambling site is NOT allowed on our server. Please read our terms of service.
  • 6. Can I run a forum web site?
    Yes. We do allow you to run a non heavy forum site in our shared hosting enviroment. You will get notified if you site are exceed the allowed resources on the server.
  • 7. Can I do mass mailing?
    No. We have a strict policy regarding use of system resources including email services in our Shared Hosting Servers. All account are only allow to send max 250 email per hour.
  • 8. How do I transfer my domain and web site from existing provider to you?
    Please provide us the Domain Control Panel Username & Password and LoginURL for domain transfer purpose, this info can be obtained from your current domain provider. And the web hosting login for website and database transfer. The website transfer usually will take few hours to complete, while the domain transfer will take 5-10 days to complete.
  • 9. Does my website get a control panel?
    Yes. All of our hosting plan come with cPanel Control Panel. Please take a tour at here.
  • 10. Do you help me build my website?
    No. However, we do provide a DIY website builder for business web hosting. You can easily build the website yourself using the website builder within 5 minutes. You may take a tour here.
  • 11. Do you help me to install the website script?
    Yes. We provide free service to help our existing customer to install any type of script. Please contact our support team for the script installation.

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