Pre-Sales Question
Pre-Sales Question
  • 1. Why do you offer so low price? Do your service guarantee?
    Low price hosting doesn' mean low quality. Price is very competitive in the hosting industry, we always offer you the lower price is to retain our competitive strength. We have 30 days money back guarantee which will refund you if you not satisfied with our services.
  • 2. What payment method do you accept?
    We accept payment from Internet Funds Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, Cheque Deposit and ATM Cash Deposit. Please click here to check out our bank account details.
  • 3. Why choose Cynet to host my website?
    We are not the best hosting provider, but we emphasize on quality and service to our customer. We had prepare a list of reason why to choose us. Please read more at here.
  • 4. How long it takes to setup my hosting account?
    If you pay through our online payment system, your account will activate immediately (usually within 1 minute). For offline payment, it will take 2 hours to verify the payment and activate your account.
  • 5. Do you offer free hosting transfer?
    Yes. We are happy to help you tranfer your hosting to us for free!
  • 6. Where can I get a discount coupon?
    If you are our existing customer, you can use your own coupon code to get a discount. If you are new customer and don't have any coupon, you use our promotional code (if any), or search around internet for the discount coupon.
  • 7. I don't which hosting plan is suitable for me, can you help me to decide?
    Yes. You can use our plan recommender at here, answer a few question and our system will decide which plan is suitable for you. However, the answer just a suggestion, it is not require must follow our suggestion.

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