Frequently Asked Questions For Web Hosting Services Malaysia

Pre-Sales Related

Low price hosting doesn’t mean low quality. Price is very competitive in the hosting industry, we always offer you the lower price is to retain our competitive strength. We have 30 days money back guarantee which will refund you if you not satisfied with our services.

We accept payment from Internet Funds Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, Cheque Deposit and ATM Cash Deposit. Please click here to check out our bank account details.

We are not the best hosting provider, but we emphasize on quality and service to our customer. We had prepare a list of reason why to choose us. Please read more at here.

If you pay through our online payment system, your account will activate immediately (usually within 1 minute). For offline payment, it will take 2 hours to verify the payment and activate your account.

Yes. We are happy to help you transfer your hosting to us for free!

Domain Name

Yes. We have provide domain name registration as low as from RM35 / year.

A domain name can only be 63 characters excluding the extensions. Allowable characters in your domain are alphabets, numbers and the hyphen ” – “. Other characters (“!,.#$@_”) are not allowed.

There is a restriction on .MY domain registration. Please read here. Or you may contact our sales team to assist you on .MY registration.

Top Level Domain (e.g. .COM, .NET, .ORG) registration is instantly. Usually will be alive within an hour. For .MY registration, it takes 2-3 working days and is subject to Mynic approval.

Yes. Your name will appear as administration in the WHOIS information. And you have to right to lock and transfer the domain name. Cynet will only be the billing and technical contact in your domain WHOIS information.

Yes. You can change your WHOIS information through the domain control panel. If WHOIS changes are not made to show customers actual information, Cynet are not responsible for the domain name and will not be liable for any damages or losses caused by the domain name hosting activities. Please read our Terms of Service.

Yes. You can host your existing domain name with any of our hosting plan. You only have to change your domain name server point our hosting server. You will get a name server information once your hosting account is activated.

Domain Transfer means transfer of domain from your current Registrar to Cynet Registrar. After transfer to us, you can renew .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz domain name with our pricing from as low as RM35/year. Transferring your Domain Name will also renew 1 year to your Domain Name. The transfer price is same as new registration price. Please read the transfer requirement and instruction at here.

No. All domain is to be registered after full payment is received based on first come first serve. There is no booking option available.

No. After you have placed an order, you may proceed with the payment ASAP. Please note that your domain is not secured or booked or registered at this point of time until we received your payment receipt. Actual activation will only be carried out after full payment is received.

Yes. During order checkout, please select blogger option. Once your domain is activated, our support team will assist you on setting up and publish the domain through Blogger.

Once your domain name is activated, please contact our support team to setup the email for you.

Once the domain name is registered and activated, it cannot be change anymore. You should review the domain name before confirm the order. If you place a wrong order, please place a new order again and contact us to cancel your previous order. Don’t made any payment to a wrong order.

Yes. We provide a free forwarding service for all domain registration.

We offer privacy protection for all TLD at price RM19/year, except Country Level Domain. You can enable privacy protection through the domain control panel. It will take 24 – 72 hours for the WHOIS record to take effect.

Web Hosting

Our have servers located at Malaysia, Singapore and Europe Datacenter. Please check more our network information at here.

All server come with Xeon Quad Core with minimun 32GB RAM installed.

All server are connected to an extremely powerful and fully redundant network with 100 Mbps network speed for Malaysia server and 1 Gbps network speed for Singapore and Europe server.

Yes. You may upgrade to next higher plan at anytime. Just contact our sales team for upgrading. You just need to pay the price different between old plan and new plan.

Adult content, MP3 and Gambling site is NOT allowed on our server. Please read our terms of service.

Yes. We do allow you to run a non heavy forum site in our shared hosting enviroment. You will get notified if you site are exceed the allowed resources on the server.

No. We have a strict policy regarding use of system resources including email services in our Shared Hosting Servers. All account are only allow to send max 250 email per hour.

Please provide us the Domain Control Panel Username & Password and LoginURL for domain transfer purpose, this info can be obtained from your current domain provider. And the web hosting login for website and database transfer. The website transfer usually will take few hours to complete, while the domain transfer will take 5-10 days to complete.

Yes. All of our hosting plan come with cPanel Control Panel. Please take a tour at here.

No. However, we do provide a DIY website builder for business web hosting. You can easily build the website yourself using the website builder within 5 minutes. You may take a tour here.

Yes. We provide free service to help our existing customer to install any type of script. Please contact our support team for the script installation.

Billing Related

No. All the price listed on our package is only for hosting service. However, you can register the domain name as low as RM35/year from us.

If payment is made through our online system, then you will get your account ready within a minutes, and you will get informed via email or sms. If you made payment manually, then after payment, please let us know by confirm order payment at your billing system or email your payment details. After we verified your payment, your account will be setup within a hour and you will get informed by email or SMS.

We accept payment from Internet Funds Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, Cheque Deposit and ATM Cash Deposit. Please click here to check out our bank account details.

There is no require to inform us about the payment if you pay through our online system. All payment are instant verified by the system. If you choose to use offline payment, you are free to contact us and confirm the payment. But sometime we still require you to provide us a copy of payment receipt for payment verification before you can proceed with your order. We hope for your understanding that it will be time consuming and difficult to identify the payor for each payment made by customer without payment slip especially when there are a few typical amount transactions in the same day.

The extra balance will be placed into your billing iCash account. You can use the iCash balance to purchase or renewal. Or you can request to withdraw the fund and transfer back to your banking account.

Official receipt is generated upon payment made. You can print the receipt via the client area. Look for the Paid invoice, the receipt is the Paid invoice.

Yes. You are only need to pay a different prices. No setup fees and processing fees will be charge. Please contact our sales for upgrading

You can’t purchase for additional diskspace, bandwidth or addon domain. Please upgrade your hosting plan to next higher plan.

Yes. However, we advise subscribers not to terminate the contract until the end of contract duration because no refund will be made even you terminate the service before the contract ends.