Malaysia Data Center

World-class Telecommunications Infrastructure

Data Center

Cynet servers are located in AIMS Data Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, one of the best-connected hosting facilities data center in the world. AIMS offers a comprehensive Layer 1 presence of 100% domestic telecommunications providers and and an ever-growing number of international telecommunications providers.

AIMS is also the reference site for the Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX), with the presence of all Malaysia telecommunications providers making it the best-connected data centre in the country. The data center equipped with the standard data center features - controlled environment, fire suppression systems, reliable backup UPS power systems, restricted access to authorized personnel only, etc.

Data Center Facilities

Redundant 24-hours Air Conditioning

Uninterupted Power Supply

Emergency Power Generator

24 x 7 Building Management Centre

Gas Based Protection and Suppression System

Completely redundant network--no single point of failure.

Fully redundant border routers and distribution switches.