• Cynet servers are located in TM Net CBJ2 Data Center, Malaysia, one of the best-connected hosting facilities data center in the world. The data centers are implemented through a high-speed network with multiple network connections to different Internet backbones. The data center equipped with the standard data center features - controlled environment, fire suppression systems, reliable backup UPS power systems, restricted access to authorized personnel only, etc.
Data Center Facilities
  • Redundant 24-hours Air Conditioning
  • Uninterupted Power Supply
  • Emergency Power Generator
  • 24 x 7 Building Management Centre
  • Gas Based Protection and Suppression System
  • Completely redundant network--no single point of failure.
  • Fully redundant border routers and distribution switches.
List of Dedicated Network
2 X 155 Mbps (Teleglobe)
1 x 45 Mbps (MCI)
1 x 45 Mbps (MCI Satellite)
1 x 45 Mbps (AT&T)
2 x 45 Mbps (ABONE)
2 x 2 Mbps (MCI, 2nd link)
1 x 512 kbps (MCI) to the USA

1984 kbps (KDD)
1024 kbps (IDC)
1024 kbps (Japan Telecom)
1984 kbps (Telstra, Australia)
2 x 1984 kbps (SingTel, Singapore)
512 kbps (IndoSat, Indonesia)
1984 kbps (Kornet, Korea)
1984 kbps (Dacom, Korea)
1984 kbps (CHTI, Taiwan)
512 kbps (CAT, Thailand)
1984 kbps (CWHKT, Hong Kong)

1984 kbps (Etisalat, UAE)
100 Mbps to Jaring, Malaysia

Network Speed Test
  • Want to know how fast is your Internet connection to our servers?

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