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Turbo-Charged WordPress
0.8s Page Load Time or Less!

Leave your competition in the dust with our turbo-charged hosting and lightning-fast page loads, specially designed for WordPress

  • Ultra Fast NVMe SSD
  • Litespeed Web Server
  • Litespeed Cache
  • 4X More CPU & Memory
  • 1Gbps Network Speed

Boost your WordPress website performance

One crucial factor in improving your WordPress website’s performance is the choice of web server. A LiteSpeed Web Server is a popular option known for its exceptional speed and efficiency. By selecting a hosting service that includes LiteSpeed Web Server, you can enjoy the benefits of superior performance. LiteSpeed Web Server boasts advanced caching features, including full-page caching and object caching, which can greatly accelerate your website’s page load times. Our Turbo-Charged Speed able achieve a remarkable 0.8s page load time or less, ensuring your website stands out from the crowd. It also supports HTTP/3 and QUIC protocols, enabling faster data transmission between the server and the user’s browser.

With LiteSpeed Web Server, your WordPress website can handle a higher volume of concurrent visitors without sacrificing speed or performance. By leveraging this powerful web server technology, you can provide your users with an excellent browsing experience and gain an advantage in search engine rankings.

WordPress ready hosting features keeping your site running full speed

With our WordPress hosting, you get the speed and stability you need. We offer all inclusive packages to suit any budget

Optimize with Performance

HTTP2 / Brotli / LSPHP is preinstalled to keep your WordPress website to meet the latest web server technology and boost the website performance

4X More Resources

Up to 4X More CPU and RAM resources to handle heavy website without causing slowness on loading especially on WordPress Ecommerce site.

Free Unlimited SSL

Secure your website with https:// connection. All plan come with FREE SSL certificate signed by Comodo

Imunify360 Protection

Keep your website safe with our Advanced Firewall, Intrusion & Malware Protection powered by Imunify360.

Website Backup

Accidently delete all email or files? No worry, all your account data is backup daily and we are happy to help you with data restore without any fees.

Bonus Features

The All-In-One WordPress Toolkit

The WordPress Toolkit is an incredibly easy-to-use and efficient tool for managing WordPress websites. With its user-friendly interface, it enables users to effortlessly handle various aspects of their WordPress site, all for no cost!

Advanced WordPress Management

You can easily manage your WordPress websites by installing and managing plugins or themes, whether from WordPress.org or elsewhere. The flexibility to activate, deactivate, manage, or delete them individually or in bulk is available for any desired website or across multiple sites.

WordPress Site
Clone & Testing

This feature allows users to duplicate a WordPress site onto a separate database, creating a secure testing environment where modifications can be made without affecting the live website. Once changes are finalized, it can be easily synchronized back to the original site.

WordPress Smart Updates

This feature allows for hassle-free testing of updates for various components of your WordPress website, such as themes, plugins, languages, and even the WordPress core itself. You can ensure safe experimentation without any harm to your live site.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Compare Our WordPress Hosting with Other

Not every hosting provider is same. We focus on what user need and offer a worry-free web hosting.

WordPress Hosting
Hosting Plan
cPanel Control Panel
LiteSpeed Cache
NVMe SSD Storage
Standard SSD
Realtime Malware Protection
DDOS Protection
Daily & Weekly Backup
Fully Managed WordPress Hosting
FREE ADDON #1 : Up to 1TB Cloud Drive
FREE ADDON #2 : AI Writer & AI Chat
FREE ADDON #3 : AI Image Generator
All-In-One Price

Witness Our Demo WordPress Site Load under 0.8s!

Unleash the Speed: Witness Our Default WordPress + WooCommerce Setup with LiteSpeed Cache Achieve an Impressive 0.7s Speed Index!

We have optimized our WordPress hosting environment to ensure lightning-fast loading times for our users.

The demo WordPress installation comes with the latest version of WordPress, along with popular plugins like WooCommerce and the OceanWP theme. Additionally, we have import the demo data to showcase the potential of our hosting solution.

No, our demo WordPress installation represents a default setup. This ensures that users can experience the optimized speed without any additional modifications.

Absolutely! We have included the WordPress LiteSpeed Cache plugin with basic optimization settings. This caching solution efficiently stores static content, reduces server load, and boosts performance, resulting in faster loading times.

We utilize the Google Chrome browser’s Lighthouse tool to obtain an accurate Speed Index metric. Lighthouse is a performance testing tool that evaluates various aspects of a website, including loading speed.

While the demo undoubtedly showcases our server’s capability to deliver lightning-fast speeds, please note that actual speed can vary based on multiple factors such as website complexity, traffic, and customization. Our hosting infrastructure, combined with the provided demo, ensures an excellent starting point for achieving remarkable site speeds.

While we strive to deliver exceptional speeds for all our clients, please remember that individual results can differ based on unique circumstances. However, our optimized hosting environment, advanced caching mechanisms, and ongoing performance optimizations will undoubtedly contribute to an enhanced user experience with impressive loading times for WordPress.

Try our demo WordPress site now and see how it loads in under 0.8 seconds!

Hosting Technical Specifications

All server is running latest version of cPanel, PHP, MySQL and secured by CloudLinux and KernelCare

Hosting PanelEmail FeaturesProgramming & Databases
  • cPanel Control Panel + LiteSpeed
  • POP3, IMAP and SMTP
  • PHP 5.6/7.0/7.1/7.2/7.3/7.4/8.0/8.1/8.2
  • FTP Transfer, Web Based File Manager
  • Webmail Access: Horde, RoundCube
  • MySQL 8
  • Visitor Statistics: AWStats, Raw Logs
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Unlimited Email Alias
  • Zend Optimizer
  • Url Redirection
  • Advanced Anti Spam & Anti Virus
  • IonCube Loader
  • Hotlink Protection
  • MX Record Modification
  • Zend Guard Loader

Why Choose Cynet As Your Web Hosting Malaysia Provider?

We focus what the user needs on security, usability, worry-free and guarantee of hosting

Hosting Security

Keep your website safe with our Advanced Firewall, Intrusion & Malware Protection powered by Imunify360.

Easy Hosting

Award winning cPanel control panel with 1-Click Installer and Website Builder. Get your website online in 5 minutes.

Our Guarantee to You

Worry-free hosting with our 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee, 99.5% Uptime Guarantee and 24/7/365 Helpdesk support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find some answers of frequently asked questions about web hosting:

WordPress Hosting is a specialized web hosting service designed to optimize the performance and management of WordPress websites. It utilizes a Litespeed server for faster loading speeds and handles high traffic volumes. It includes features like a WordPress Toolkit for easy website management, instant WordPress installation for quick setup, and fully managed services for automated backups, security updates, and technical support

Enhanced Performance: WordPress Hosting typically utilizes specialized server configurations like Litespeed, which significantly improves website loading speeds. This results in a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.

Easy WordPress Management: WordPress Hosting often includes a user-friendly interface or toolkit specifically designed for managing WordPress websites. This makes tasks like installation, updates, and backups a breeze, even for beginners.

Instant WordPress Setup: With one-click installation options, WordPress Hosting allows users to quickly set up a WordPress website without the need for manual installation procedures. This saves time and effort.

Fully Managed Services: With fully managed WordPress Hosting, we takes care of various technical tasks such as server maintenance, security updates, and backups. This relieves website owners of these responsibilities, allowing them to focus on their core business or content creation.

Security: Our Advanced Firewall & Intrusion Protection is integrates with the cloud so you can protect your website, no matter where you are which powered by Imunify360 – a powerful web security suite with protections against malware, spyware, phishing attacks and more.

High Speed Network: With 1Gbps network speed and unmetered bandwidth, your website will load faster. You will be able to enjoy host files at the same time without any lag.

The WordPress Pro and WordPress Max plan come with free Domain Name for 1st year. You have the option to choose from .com, .net, .xyz, and .com.my domains. The domain will renew at the regular rate after the initial year.

Yes. Our Cloud Storage is come free with Premium Pro and Premium Max plan. The Cloud Storage is free as long as you keep the Premium Hosting active.

Yes, the hosting plan support unlimited email accounts. You can create as many email address you want.

Yes, we provide free migration services to transfer your WordPress website, database and email data to our server.

Our Premium servers is located at Singapore Datacenter. Please check more our network information at here.

Yes. We provide 30 days Money-Back Guarantee (excluding domain fees), 99.5% Server and Network Uptime Guarantee.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The offer for a Free Domain Name is valid only for subscription periods of 1, 2, or 3 years. You may select to register for a domain with .com, .net, .xyz, or .com.my extensions. The domain will be free-of-charge for the first year of registration and will subsequently renew at regular rates.
  2. The 30-day Money Back guarantee does not apply to monthly subscription payments.