• Not fully convinced to choose Cynet be your webhosting provider?
  • We have learned over the years and understood the problems and saw that there is a need for a new and different kind of Web hosting solution. We have compiled a list of reasons that most customers select us on the basis of our Service, Price and Customer Satisfaction.
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support
    Our helpdesk are standby 24/7 and ready to help you anytime. Your issue will be attended within 1-2 hours and sometime just solved in few minutes during our business hours. Our averange response time is 60 minutes.
  • Fast Response & Resolution Time
    Had you ever experience with web hosts that fast response on any support, but take forever to solve the problem? Cynet not only focus on fast response time, but also focus on fast resolution time. We just a small company, we don't have Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Technical staff, we only have professional staff to answer all your question from simple to critical problem, no more delay on your question!
  • Free Hosting Transfer
    Want to transfer your existing hosting to our company? No problem! Just give us your existing hosting information and we will do the rest for you. We will transfer all website files, script, email (cPanel Only) and database. What the best is, No Downtime during transfer!
  • Instant Account Activation
    "Your account will setup within 24 hours...". Sound familiar?!? Cynet don't have such statement! We have upgrade our system to fully automated activate your account immediately once you made the payment through online. Our system will work 24/7, no more business hour time! You will get your hosting account ready immediately (usually within 1 minutes) after payment!
  • Free Script Support
    Having problem to setup and install the website script like Wordpress, Joomla and etc? We are here ready to help you on those script installation and setup. Although we are not the script provider, but we will try our best to get the problem solved for you and get your website run without problem! So there is no worry to host your website under Cynet.
  • Low Price Guarantee
    Low price = Cheap Quality? Don't get confuse by this statement. We able to offer such low price because we are a small company, running at low operation cost. Thus, we pass the savings back to our customers!
  • No Hidden Charge
    Our web hosting plans do not have any hidden charges. You pay for what you want and they are all stated clearly in our website. We don't charge for any administrator work such as account restoration, backup restore, script installation and etc.
  • Save More with 2 Year Plan
    We like to build a long term customer base. You will enjoy up to 50% saving on 2nd year plan if you subscribe for 2 or 3 years! Do you know that, you still will get the same saving on next renewal!
  • Only Pay What You Need
    Runing low on budget? Want to pay what you need only? Cynet is the 1st in Malaysia offer Custom Web Hosting plan! That is the hosting plan that offer you to choose what you need and only pay what you want!
  • Simple & Easy Hosting Upgrade
    Ever having experience charge by other hosting company with expensive upgrade fee because exceeds disk usage / exceeds bandwidth limit? At Cynet, we like simple and make it easy. To upgrade, you only pay for the difference between the prices of the upgraded plan, just a simple calculation.
Customer Satisfaction
  • 99.5% Network & Server Uptime Guarantee
    We guarantee 99.5% network & server uptime based on our SLA and will prorate your bill if there is any downtime due to our error!
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    We give you the guarantee, within the 30 days upon your hosting account activation, you may request for refund if you not satisfied with our hosting service. No question ask!
  • Superior Customer Support
    All our staff are fully trained, friendly and profesional and ready to answer any question you may have. No more worry sending a wrong question to wrong department and delay answering your question. You will always get a right person to answer you!

Network Speed Test
  • Want to know how fast is your Internet connection to our servers?

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